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#Blockchain, #Financiar All projects

Bumo: Decentralized Application Ecosystem

The next generation of commercial basic public block chain, which aims to build a ubiquitous trust network of value circulation

stage Ended crowdsale


  • Empleados46




As a senior expert and serial entrepreneur, Mr.Li is in charge of the daily operation of the foundation. As a graduate of the Department of Technical Physics, Peking University and MBA of Peking University Guanghua College, he used to work with companies like Tencent and Kongzhong (a leading Chinese company for game development and operation) in his early years. He was also one of the early investors and the first COO for jiayuan.com, a famous dating website in China, and he was responsible for the daily operation of the company. He also worked as the vice president for the video platform PPTV, and was in charge of the businesses such as content editing, product operation, user marketing, game joint operation, and value-added services for members.



Mr. Guo is in charge of the application ecosystem, global community, and investment. As a forerunner who put blockchain into practice and an investor of the industry, he used to be the vice president of 21Vianet Group in charge of strategic innovation. Also, he was the vice president of CIBN, a partner of the Strategic Emerging Industry Fund of the Development and Reform Commission, a participant of early internet companies InfoHighWay and Stone Richsight, and a resident tutor for i-center in Tsinghua University.



As an expert of blockchain and its related technologies, Mr. Zhao observes the essence of blockchain as well as possible applications in the distributed ecosystem. He masters both principles and utilities of mainstream blockchains such as bitcoin, Ethereum and Hyperledger. With deep insights of and rich experience in blockchain consensus mechanism, smart contract, inter-chain technology, side-chain technology and privacy protection, he provides extensive knowledge of practices and is backed up by several IPRs. Serves as core developer of BUMO Foundation and former technical supervisor of Bubi Technologies, he dedicates application and innovation of blockchain. He is also one of the earliest and best blockchain system architects in mainland China.

man Colin H. JIANG

Technical Consultant

Mr. Jiang, PhD of Chinese Academy of Sciences, CEO of Bubi Technologies Co., Ltd. As one of the visionaries of blockchain in China, known as the expert of business-use applications in distributed ecosystem and the specialist of token economy, he also now serves as the deputy director of Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance, a member of council in Beijing Blockchain Applied Technology Association and a senior researcher of the China FinTech 50-people Forum. He has much experience in blockchain technology, distributed computing networks, cryptography and information security. As a leading FinTech blockchain company in China, Bubi Technologies founded by Dr. Jiang is committed to powering technical innovations and utilities to commercial applications. It not only has the largest number of patents and most welcomed equity shares for financing, but also develops the most widely applied applications for commercial use.


Technical Consultant

As one of the trailblazers of blockchain in China, Mr. Wang is a senior expert of business-use blockchain and holds various related patents. He explores powerful approaches of blockchain for commercial use and has more than ten years of system design experience in the Internet field, especially in aspects such as distributed systems, complex network control and cybersecurity. He once worked with famous companies like Huawei. Bubi Technologies, the FinTech blockchain company he co-founded in China, presents blockchain solutions for banks, insurances, logistics, supply chain finance, digital assets, etc.

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Distribución de tokens
  • Crowdsale (50%)
  • Business Ecosystem (20%)
  • Start-up Team (10%)
  • Foundation (20%)
Detalles Indicadores
Símbolo del Token BU
Inicio de crowdsale September 7th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Crowdsale Termino El Hard cap es akcanzado o October 7th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Hard Cap de crowdsale Fijado, 1500000000 tokens
Propietario del dominio Persona privada

Costo del token

1 token para 0.0001 eth

Precio sin descuentos

Moneda aceptada

  • Ethereum

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