Orch Network: Earth's Fastest and most Advanced Realtime Infrastructure

A self-evolving quantum safe multicomputation and cryptocurrency infrastructure that is engineered to survive the deep future.
Stage: Ended ICO
Nhân viên
Đội ngũ
Daniel Kaminski De Souza
Co-founder & Senior Developer
Arvind Sinc
Senior Blockchain And Dapp Developer
Pascal Josso
Ambassador Netherlands
Wladimir Weinbender
Ambassador Switzerland
Nick Hicker
Marketing Evangelist
Aditya Singh
Full Stack Developer
Akshat Sharma
Graphic Designer
Shrey Tibdewal
Video And VFX Artist
Các cố vấn
Ren Timer Advisor
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Phân phối token

Chi tiết
Các chỉ số
Crowdsale (82.3%)
Orch Treasury Strategic Fund (10%)
Developers & Founder Team (4.5%)
Bounty hunters (3.2%)

Phân bổ ngân sách

Chi tiết
Các chỉ số
Marketing (18%)
Reserve & Misc (10%)
R&D (20%)
Product Devt. (24%)
Operations (28%)
Chi tiết Các chỉ số
Ký hiệu token
Tên đầy đủ của token
Orch Coin
Bắt đầu ICO
September 12th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Kết thúc ICO
Đã đạt Vốn huy động tối đa hoặc October 12th, 00:00 GMT+03:00
Vốn huy động tối đa của ICO
Cố định, $37000000
Chủ sở hữu tên miền
Cá nhân
Giá của token
Giá chưa tính chiết khấu
1 token cho 0.29 $


Thưởng Ngày Tùy thuộc vào việc mua hoặc đầu tư
20% $250 000
35% $500 000
50% $1 000 000
80% $5 000 000
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Bình luận
What is the purpose of ORC token of Orch Network?
Orch (symbol: ORC) is the native token of Orch Network decentralized platform for Turing Incomplete cyber contracts running on a realtime unforkable blockchain federation called StarCash. User and developers will need minimum lot of 100,000 ORC tokens to test and power their applications such as Unmanned decentralized exchanges(DEXs), Crypto-darkpools, Decentralized DNS Clusters and decentralized realtime gaming and casinos. This will most likely be the primary driver of demands for ORC.
Will ORC be available on the crypto exchanges for trading?
Yes, ORC will be available on exchanges after completion of the ICO
Which exchanges will support ORC?
We are currently listed on Classic Delta decentralized exchange. We are presently talking to HitBTC, Coinfalcon, Cryptopia and other major exchanges for listing ORC.
When will I get my ORC tokens?
After the ICO starts. We anticipate ICO to start on 10th of June, 2018.
Which cryptocurrencies I can buy ORC token with?
How will I benefit from buying and holding ORC?
You will gain from price rise of ORC due to demand from tens of thousands of DApp developers and Orch users.
What’s the status of the project?
Orch Network is about 4 months away from deploying the first Tesnet. We are continuously releasing proof-of-concept of Orch’s major subsystems coded in Haskell, Python and C++ on our official Github repository.
What is ICO?
ICO is similar to an IPO, but the prices of ORC will change hourly based on demand. We use our confidential dynamic pricing algorithm to increase or decrease the price of ORC(of Orch Network).
When will the Airdrop end?
Airdrop will end as soon as the amount allocated for it has been reached. In the mean time, keep using your referral link to invite more people to our telegram group.
How to be part of Orch Developer Community?
Any developer can be a part of Orch developer community by taking a simple challenge on our devforce page. All our developers will get full time sovereignty. The link to our devforce page is:
Where is Orch Foundation? And How to become board member of our foundation?
Orch Foundation is being registered as a charitable trust in Switzerland. All token-holders interested in becoming board members/administrators of Orch Foundation may send us an email or a secure encrypted message to our Bitmessage address expressing their interest.
When will the bounty Orch and airdrop tokens be distributed?
We will distribute bounty ORC and airdrop tokes as soon as we start ICO, which is expected to start by June second week of 2018.
Ended ICO
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